Changes effective as of January, 2020

Please complete the Creekside Cats Boarding Agreement prior to check-in. If you have boarded at our facility before, you may fill out the shorter Creekside Cats Repeat Boarding Agreement. Note that this agreement provides us with the ability to care for your cat while you are away.

For The Safety Of Your Cats, We Follow These Policies:

1. Vaccinations

  •   We do not accept cats without standard vaccinations completed well before their arrival.
  •   Cats six months or older must be neutered or spayed.
  •   Please go by your veterinarian’s recommendation when it comes to bringing your cat to a boarding hotel. We recommend upper respiratory and standard kitten vaccinations.

2. Flea Control – To maintain our pest-free environment:

•    We require that owners have their cats on a flea prevention program at least 1 week prior to boarding during the spring and summer months. Most veterinarians recommend cats in the Fraser Valley to be protected 6 months out of the year.

•    Should it be necessary for Creekside Cats to treat your kitty for fleas, we will add a $20.00 charge to your invoice that must be paid at check-out. It is the owners responsibility to protect their cats.

3. Registration And Arrival

  •   Check-ins and check-outs are by appointment only.

  •   If our entry gate is closed when you arrive for an appointment, please contact us at 604-852-1050.
  •   Every kitty has a Personal Care Plan, which the owners provide for us in our Boarding Contract. Please ensure all proper documents are filled out and received by Creekside Cats prior to check-in.
  •   For safety reasons, cats must arrive and depart in their carrier. Please have it labelled with their name and your contact information. If you require a carrier we will provide one with a refundable deposit of $20.

4. Safety

  •   All staff members chart your cat’s behaviour and temperament throughout their stay.
  •   We have a triple door system, meaning that three doors stand between your cat and outside the building.
  •   We have mesh screens on all windows to allow guests to safely peer outside.

Information from Dr. Elizabeth Borgmann (Coastal Rivers Pet Hospital) on vaccinations and flea control: 

The cats are housed individually and do not associate with other cats.

Panleukopenia (feline distemper) vaccine is known to have a long duration of immunity. Therefore re-vaccinations for this are not required annually. It is recommended that this is done every 3-5 years.

The vaccinations for upper respitory viruses (calicivirus and rhinotracheitis) are not fully protective but do reduce the severity of clinical signs. As these viruses are transmitted through the air (aerosolization) and can pass through the ventilation system, we advise a booster vaccine for these 6 months prior to boarding.

Unfortunately, at this time, the vaccine for calicivirus and rhinotracheitis is not available separately from the panleukopenia virus.

Leukemia virus vaccinations are up to owner’s discretion but are not a requirement for boarding at this facility.

All cats must be treated with a flea adulticide (Advantage or Revolution) prior to entry into the facility. Pet store products do not provide adequate flea control (eg Hartz or Zodiac).

Any cats with undiagnosed skin conditions may be declined boarding at this facility to prevent the risk of ringworm. Any cats showing signs of respiratory disease may be declined.

Cats, linens, and other personal items (eg carriers) showing traces or signs of flea infestation are subject to examination and treatment at owner’s expense.

Coastal Rivers Pet Hospital, 604-425-1900