At Creekside Cats, we provide the most spacious luxurious cat boarding available, providing ample space for our kitty guests to climb, hide, play, roam and relax.027CC hotel 001

Our licensed facility offers large rooms with secured inside & outside windows offering views of this country setting.

We own and live on the property, which gives us flexibility. Since our opening in 2005, we have enjoyed many repeat kitty guests, some staying over 25 times.

We are a transparent business welcoming tours and visits.

TigerWhat sets us apart from the rest?

  • Creekside offers 12 deluxe, private walk-in suites; we have the largest rooms in the business
  • We’re veterinarian recommended.
  • Every room has an opening window for natural light and fresh air
  • Full-time medical assistant on staff who can administer insulin and care for special needs cats.
  • Rooms are completely scrubbed and dressed with fresh bedding and litter between kitty guests
  • Entertainment is provided -movies, music, catnip, toys, scratching posts and bedding
  • Email updates and pictures can be sent via facebook, twitter or instagram
  • Please feel free to check us out on youtube  http://youtu.be/Pk72VOTIacQ