Q) Do you give a discount to someone who brings their cat’s food?

A) No. We do not offer a discount to those who bring their own food. 

Q) Do I need to bring any documentation for my cat?

A) Owners must provide a Health Certificate from their pet’s veterinarian. This acts as the proof of vaccination, complete with dates of vaccinations for Rabies, RVRCP, and FeLV.

Q) Can I request a specific room number for my cat?

A) Yes, however we do not guarantee the room.

Q) Will my cat be mixed in with other cats?

A) No. Only cats from the same household share a suite.

Q) Does Creekside board other animals such as dogs, rabbits, lizards?

A) No. We only board domestic cats.

Q) Do larger rooms cost more money than the regular size rooms?

A) No. All rooms are the same rate as we charge by the cat, not by the room size.

Q) Why don’t you give a larger discount for someone staying long-term?

A) Long-term cats require more attention and room upkeep than shorter-term. We do not lower out standards for longer stays, rooms are stripped and scrubbed thoroughly once per week.

Q) What do you provide for each room?

A) We provide clean dishes daily, fresh litter and litter boxes weekly, beds, blankets, benches, and scratching posts.

Q) How often are litter boxes scooped?

A) In the morning and at night unless the cat has bowel issues then we scoop more often.

Q) What do we need to bring?

A) The only things you need to bring is your cat in a carrier or on a leash and a copy of the Boarding Agreement.  If your cat requires medications, please bring those as well. You are welcome to bring anything that you feel might make your cat feel more comfortable. We are not responsible for anything you forget to take home. Please label items with your contact info.

Q) What if I need to cancel or change my stay?

A) We ask for a $100 deposit upon reservation, however, if you have an emergency situation we give a full refund on your deposit.

Q) My cat requires medication. Will there be an extra charge for administering this?

A) If your cat requires injections or hand-fed pills, there is a $5 fee for each time medication is administered. All medications are charted by staff.

Q) Will you provide your own food for my cat?

A) Yes, Creekside offers local dry “SUMMIT™” original recipe for indoor cats at no charge, however we do not provide special canned food. If your kitty is on a special diet, please bring your special canned food.

Q) I don’t want to change my cat’s diet. Will you feed them as I do?

A) Yes, we follow a care plan provided by you in the Boarding Agreement. It is generally recommended by the vets to not rapidly change your pet’s food as it may upset their stomach.